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About Wood
Dragon Inn

Our goal is to embrace the present reality fully, living in each moment with a sense of purpose. Letting go of the haunting past and steering clear of the predictable future, we firmly anchor ourselves in the present – a realm where endless possibilities and existence converge.

Each day becomes an opportunity for transformation, growth, and appreciation. It is at the exact moment we find ourselves that we must revel in and discover joy. Life inevitably brings storms and dark days, but just as not every day can be dark and dreary, we acknowledge the balance. 

Nature is the best place to allow this reality to sink in. We are not aiming for bliss, and we are not aiming for misery. We stand firmly on the middle ground of now. Contentment and acceptance.

Our Services

Psychological Assessment

Our journey begins with a comprehensive psychological assessment, a cornerstone of our holistic approach to mental health care. This initial step allows us to understand each individual's unique challenges, strengths, and needs.

Mental Health Retreat & Residential Treatment

Wood Dragon Inn offers a sanctuary for healing, providing individuals with a nurturing environment away from the stresses of daily life. Within our serene setting, residents participate in a structured yet flexible schedule of therapy sessions, group activities, and personal reflection time.

Aftercare & Support

Our Aftercare program is designed to ensure a smooth transition for individuals as they reintegrate into their daily lives. We provide ongoing support through follow-up sessions, support groups, and access to our network of mental health professionals

Our Facility

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central metaphor of nature

The emphasis at The Wood Dragon Inn is on self-cultivation and transformation. We ground ourselves with this central metaphor in nature and agriculture.

Just as a horticulturalist must attentively tend their garden, we must focus on removing that which we do not want to grow, stop planting that which we do not want to grow, and start planting and creating the conditions for a new kind of garden to emerge from the ashes and soot of the old.

Nature is our best teacher. That is why we decided to start The Wood Dragon Inn in Idyllwild, California. This is a magical place.

Top Rated Amenities

Experience a thoughtfully curated array of top-rated amenities, including personalized counseling, therapeutic interventions, and engaging community activities designed to enhance the well-being of our residents at every level.

Frequently asked Questions

What services does Wood Dragon Inn offer?

Wood Dragon Inn provides comprehensive mental health residential programs, including personalized counseling, therapeutic interventions, and engaging community activities. The Wood Dragon Inn experience is akin to a mental health retreat in California, typically covered by insurance.

Our programs are designed for individuals seeking support for various mental health challenges. Our facility in the San Jacinto Mountains of California provides a retreat-like setting for intensive mental health treatment, fostering a healing environment for emotional well-being.

Eligibility is determined based on an individual assessment. Reach out to our admissions team for a confidential discussion about your specific situation.

We incorporate evidence-based therapeutic modalities tailored to individual needs, ensuring a holistic approach to mental health care.

If you’re looking for mental health residential treatment or a private retreat covered by insurance, Wood Dragon Inn may be the perfect place for you. We work with various insurance providers and are committed to helping you understand your treatment possibilities and finances. Contact our team for assistance in understanding coverage and payment options.

Yes, family involvement is encouraged and can be discussed with our treatment team to create a supportive and collaborative approach.