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Residential Mental Health Treatment in Idyllwild, CA

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At the Wood Dragon Inn, we offer compassionate support for individuals navigating the complex emotions associated with grief and loss. Understanding that the journey through grief is unique for each person, our approach is both gentle and adaptable, providing a safe space for expression, healing, and growth.

Through individual therapy, support groups, and holistic practices, we guide individuals as they process their loss, find new meanings, and gradually move toward acceptance and recovery. Our aim is to support each person in honoring their loss while fostering resilience and helping them to rebuild a sense of hope and purpose in life.


Our treatment for trauma at the Wood Dragon Inn is rooted in a deep understanding of its profound impact on the mind and body. We offer a trauma-informed approach that prioritizes safety, trustworthiness, and empowerment. Through a combination of psychotherapy, trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy, and holistic modalities like mindfulness and QiGong, we provide a comprehensive framework for healing.

Our dedicated professionals are committed to helping individuals process and overcome their traumatic experiences, enabling them to reclaim control over their lives and embark on a path toward lasting healing and resilience.

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Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) requires specialized care and understanding, which we provide with expertise at the Wood Dragon Inn. Our multidisciplinary team utilizes evidence-based treatments such as trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), and supportive group therapy to address PTSD symptoms.

Recognizing the strength it takes to confront traumatic memories, we create a nurturing environment that supports each individual’s pace and journey towards recovery. Our goal is to help individuals develop coping strategies, reduce symptoms, and ultimately, lead a fulfilling life beyond PTSD.


At the Wood Dragon Inn, we treat depression with a personalized, comprehensive approach that addresses the biological, psychological, and social aspects of this condition. From individual psychotherapy and medication management (when necessary) to holistic practices that improve overall well-being, our program is designed to lift the fog of depression.

Our supportive community and serene environment also play a crucial role in helping individuals find joy and motivation again. By empowering our residents with tools for self-care and resilience, we aim to guide them towards a life characterized by hope and fulfillment.

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Understanding the pervasive impact of anxiety, the Wood Dragon Inn offers targeted treatment designed to reduce symptoms and improve quality of life. Our approach combines cognitive behavioral therapy, which helps individuals understand and manage their thought patterns, with stress-reduction techniques such as mindfulness, meditation, and physical activity.

Our comprehensive care model also includes education on anxiety management and lifestyle adjustments to support long-term recovery. We strive to provide a calming and reassuring environment where individuals can learn to navigate their anxiety with confidence and ease.

Bipolar Disorder

Treating bipolar disorder requires a nuanced approach that balances the management of mood swings with the pursuit of mental wellness. At the Wood Dragon Inn, our integrated treatment plan includes mood-stabilizing medications, psychoeducational groups, and individual therapy to provide insight and coping strategies.

Additionally, our holistic modalities, like mindfulness practices and physical wellness programs, support emotional regulation and overall health. We emphasize a supportive, understanding community that encourages open communication and mutual support, helping individuals with bipolar disorder to lead stable, rewarding lives.

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